Renewable & Constant

Our Centralized Sewage Treatment Plant uses Green Technology for their energy which is renewable and constant. It consists of Bio Gas, Solar Energy, Re-use Effluent and Rainwater Harvesting.



The Use of Bio-Gas

Biogas is the process of anaerobic sludge treatment. The estimation of energy generation from biogas is of 1200kw when the plant is operating at full capacity. The energy will be used for non- process facilities and ' non -essential load ' such as street lighting and lighting in the building of Centralized Sewage Treatment Plant.


Solar Energy

Solar panels will be installed on the roof of the treatment plant for energy generation (solar) of 200kW. The site size of the solar panel is measuring 81m x 30m. Solar energy is used for lighting and small electrical appliances in the Administration Building, Community Center and recreational areas and sports in the area of CST.


Re-use Effluent

Reuse of effluent for 2,000 cubic meters per day is for cleaning tanks and process equipment, odor control systems, polymer preparation process, and the use of landscape areas.


Rainwater Harvesting

The water produced will be use for watering plants and for cleaning the streets inside the area of Centralized Sewage Treatment Plant.