Green Technology


Renewable & Constant

Our Centralized Sewage Treatment Plant uses Green Technology which is renewable and constant. It consists of Bio Gas, Solar Energy, Effluent Water Reuse and Rainwater Harvesting.

Green Technology
CSTP Box 1

Biogas Generation (Biogas Facilities)

  • Power generation from biogas is approximately 1200 kW (2x 600 kW).
  • 2 duties, 1 standby
  • Generated power will be used as supplementary power source for aerations blower.

CSTP Box 2

Solar PV System (Podium Facilities)

  • Power generation from solar PV system is approximately 200kW.
  • Modul area approximately 1200m2.
  • Quantity: 635 nos. PV panel.
  • Power generated will be used for lighting & small power and process at wastewater treatment tank area.

CSTP Box 3

Effluent Water Reuse (Underground Treated Water Tank Storage)

  • Classes of water produced from effluent reuse system are strainer water for reactor tank, RO water for polymer preparation, filtered water for grit chamber and treated water for digester.
  • Effluent water reuse system capacity is approximately 2,000m3 per day and used for equipment washing, polymer preparation (RO), and make-up water for odour control system.

CSTP Box 4

Rain Water Harvesting (Admin Building)

  • Rain water harvesting with effective roof collection area approximately 1000m2 and storage size of 10m3.
  • No. of tank: 1
  • Rain water harvesting will be used for toilet flushing for administration building.