Langat Sewerage Project Hosts Mini Seminar And Educational Visit To Public Information Center For Engineering Students From Unikl-Micet

10 Oct 2018

On 10 October 2018, Langat Sewerage Project held a Mini Seminar & Educational Visit involving a total of 33 students of Engineering department from University of Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Chemical & Bio-engineering Technology (UniKL-MICET) accompanied by 4 lecturers.

The programme was aimed to expose the engineering students on modern technology innovation for sewage treatment process which introduced by the government through Langat Centralized Sewerage Treatment Plant (CSTP). Ir. Moghan Muniandy from SHMB Sdn Bhd, the Langat CSTP Consultant, gave a talk on the topics such as Introduction to Sewage Treatment, Langat CSTP Overview, Treatment Process System Design, Civil and Structural Engineering Design and Green Technology Elements.

After the seminar, the students and lecturers were taken to the site office rooftop to see the progress of the CSTP project. During the rooftop tour, students were briefed on the construction work and project progress by the operation team. The program ended with the Public Information Centre visit. The students gained greater understanding on the CSTP building and piping network through the project model provided in the Public Information Centre.

Besides of gaining new experience, the program also highlighted on promoting awareness of conserving river and environment for a better future among the students.